23 Jun 2016

Please use your vote to LEAVE the European Union

The day has arrived and the polling stations are open. The British people have a black and white choice between:
  • Leaving the EU to regain our independence and our voice in the world, having direct influence in decision making at the global level, retaking control over our relationships with other countries around the world, establish trade agreements with other countries on mutually beneficial terms and, crucially, giving us the opportunity to fix the manifest democratic shortcomings in our country so that British people have real power in our country and can effect real change

  • Remaining an EU colony that takes laws we are not allowed to reject from a supreme unelected and unaccountable government in Brussels, being mute on the global bodies where decisions are made and voting as instructed by Brussels, having our relationships and trade with other countries run on EU terms regardless of our wishes and, crucially, having an ever shrinking voice within a bloc that is run to erode the ability of people to wield power a political elite and bring about change
The first option is by far the most democratic, positive, constructive and beneficial for the people of this nation. This extraordinary piece, "For democracy and freedom - vote leave" by Professor John Fitzpatrick, Director of Kent Law Clinic, explains the democratic need to withdraw from the EU. As Fitzpatrick says:
Settling for a good king rather than a bad parliament should, now we have been asked, be turned down.
We can change the parliament, but we cannot remove the king if he rules badly or unjustly. We can have a more democratic Britain, but it can only begin to become a reality if your ballot paper looks like this before you put it in the ballot box today.
Seize this moment with hope and confidence. Begin the work of making Britain a more democratic nation, by starting the process of taking back power for the people...