24 Dec 2015

Why is anyone surprised at William Hague's EUphilia?

It seems many Tories, pundits and members of the media have been left stunned by William Hague's endorsement of remaining in the EU.

'Oh, but he was always such a committed Eurosceptic' they bleat.

No, he wasn't. You judge a person not by their mood music words alone, but by their actions too. Hague's actions defined him as a typical, deceitful High Tory establishment figure of the type that so adores being part of the EU.

People in the Westminster village, and the time servers who 'report' on politics there, are only surprised at Hague's words because they ignore everyone and everything outside of their incestuous bubble. One former blogger I remember was ruthlessly exposing Hague's true position years ago, but the media ignored it because he wasn't part of the gang and had no 'prestige'.

All that happened this week is that the media demonstrated it is incompetent in its role of keeping the public informed.

The media were surprised about Hague as they will be surprised about Vote Leave's Brexit deception. They will also be surprised about the deal on associate EU membership when it comes, even though bloggers have set out the evidence of its creation in spades. They really are useless.