26 Feb 2016

The EU is not the enemy, it's Dishonest Dave Cameron

Britain has come a long way over the years, but there is still a large proportion of the population that is still deferential to people who hold a position of prominence or responsibility. It's a real problem because all too often such people have low standards and are not honest or honourable. All too often they take advantage of the deference.

David Cameron is one such person. He is a serial liar. He is also an EU enthusiast and he's determined that Britain should be run by politicians and bureaucrats drawn from 27 other countries, people who have consistently outvoted the UK's representatives when they have opposed measures that do not serve this country's interests. To ensure that happens, Cameron has lied time and again.

Most people are unaware that on more than 55 occasions Britain has objected to legislative and regulatory proposals generated by the European Commission, on the basis of them being unsuitable or harmful to Britain and her interests. However on every single occasion the British objection was rejected and the Commission has pressed on with remorseless determination. Despite this, Cameron claims Britain is influential in 'Europe' and will be stronger by staying in, even though changes that are coming will only serve to further dilute our voice in the EU and weaken the weight of our vote.

Yet it's a fact that many voters will vote to remain in the EU because they trust what Cameron tells them. Make no mistake, that makes Cameron, not the EU, the real enemy of everyone who wishes Britain to be a self governing country with the capability and potential to become more democratic.

During the referendum campaign it is plain common sense to focus attention on Cameron and expose his lies and distortions.

If more people, who would otherwise vote to remain because Cameron says they should, lose confidence in him because of his dishonesty, it improves our chances of righting a historic wrong and giving Britain the opportunity to again be self governing and represent itself on the world stage using its own, undiluted voice.