19 Mar 2016

What does 'out' look like? Cameron should ask the civil service

For a number of weeks now several sources have said that Flexcit, has been doing the rounds in the higher reaches of the civil service. While David Cameron and his pro-remain friends have been claiming no one has set out what 'out' looks like, many around Whitehall have been reading and taking on board this supposedly non-existent Brexit plan.

Yesterday, in a sign that Flexcit has been hitting the mark, the Telegraph dropped this rather pleasing detail into a story about civil servants believing Brexit 'could be seized upon by ministers as a liberating moment which would trigger a revolutionary shake-up of public policy':
According to one analysis, developing a Britain-specific deal is likely to take five years, running way beyond the two-year period between a country triggering the Article 50 exit clause and it being released from the European treaties.

As such, it is likely the UK would adopt a model similar to Norway’s as holding position, before gravitating to a more bespoke arrangement, according to one scenario under discussion.
This is Flexcit in a nutshell. It's the staged process writ large.

The reason it is the only analysis mentioned in the piece is that it's the only one being taken seriously by the experts who would advise and steer the government in the event of a leave vote. It is grounded in what is legal, what is possible and most important of all, what protects British interests, jobs and the economy.

Other leave groups have danced on pinheads in an effort to avoid promoting any plan that would, when scrutinised, expose their lack of knowledge. Their fear is that it would be an Aunt Sally for the remain camp would throw things at. However, the newly launched campaign, The Leave Alliance, is proudly waving the Flexcit banner in its newly shortened pamphlet format called The Market Solution (free electronic version).

The full version of Flexcit, running to over 420 pages, has been downloaded and read tens of thousands of times. The Market Solution at only 48 pages, makes it quick and easy for people to understand how Britain can leave the EU, while providing vital reassurance to voters, business and the markets that Brexit can be de-risked and that there will be no leap into the dark.

Download your copy today and learn how Britain can leave the EU and re-establish its place in the world without the negative consequences David Cameron claims would follow.

There is a plan.
It would work.
See what 'out' looks like.