27 Apr 2016

Forget the Remain v Leave bunfight, this is why we should Brexit

The global political elite opposes Brexit. Nick Robinson made the point this morning on the Today programme, as he taunted Nigel Farage and triumphantly challenged him to name a single international organisation that supports Brexit.

A procession of people in powerful positions and bursting with prestige have been asked by their fellow elite in the UK to speak up in favour of Britain remaining in the EU, and they have duly obliged. The media has lapped it up and without giving a moment’s thought about why this is happening, or asking what’s in it for the political class, they’ve just presented it as a reason to Remain. 'Don’t question anything, just do what our betters say. And definitely don’t ask about any vested interests or why they are so curiously keen to look out for what’s supposedly in the best interests of the British people'.

The political elite has descended on Britain to advance a raft of claims and assertions that just do not stand up under any reasonable scrutiny of the facts, not that the media tries to examine them in any detail. They do it because they are servicing an agenda that is bigger than Britain leaving the EU. The political elite want the world sliced into regional chunks where voters are unable to effect change and powerless to alter course. But from the official leave campaign we hear nothing of this.

This is part of a war on democracy. It's not an exaggeration. Democracy has been reduced to trapsing to the ballot box every four to five years and voting for party political drones who invariably all deliver the same outcome.

The political elite are working to ensure they and their chosen successors have permanent, unaccountable control that gives them the ability to set the direction countries will follow. They are working to an agenda to secure for themselves a huge amount of power and the ability to deliver profitable outcomes for themselves and friends.

This is why Brexit isn’t about trade. It isn’t about security. It isn’t about the economy. It's about democracy – people power - people being able to control the politicians and not being subordinate to them. It’s about the British people deciding Britain’s direction, rather than a group of people who want us to simply be quiet and pay the bill.

If you want to have a say in Britain's future direction, to have the ability to control our elected representatives, rather than be controlled by them and their unelected friends who make our policies and laws without our consent, then you must Vote to Leave the EU.