22 Jun 2016

This might be the last time your vote decides who governs us

After many years of campaigning, inside and outside party politics, for the UK to regain its independence, the moment I've long fought for is here. A referendum, where the voters can decide who should run Britain.

The choice is clear.

Voters can choose to LEAVE and have a United Kingdom that is self governing and where laws are made by the representatives we elect and can vote to remove. A United Kingdom where our courts give the final judgement on matters. A United Kingdom that speaks with its own experienced and respected voice in the world. A United Kingdom that can exert direct influence on global bodies to promote rules and regulations that support British people and business. A United Kingdom that is confident and charts a responsible course in the world.

Or voters can choose to remain and have a United Kingdom that takes its laws from people from 27 other countries, who we do not elect and cannot remove. A United Kingdom that takes and implements legal decisions from a foreign court that has only EU interests at heart. A United Kingdom that must follow common, compromise policies in foreign affairs and defence, decided for us by appointed officials we have no democratic control over. A United Kingdom that is forced to remain silent on global bodies and where it still has a vote must obey instructions from Brussels about how to cast it. A United Kingdom that is a subjugated component of a developing EU superstate, which intends to create its own army, navy and air force and impose direct taxation on us without genuine democratic representation.

This is the choice before us all. This vital referendum is not about specific outcomes, such as the economy, or trade, or the NHS or even security. It is about us determining who decides those outcomes - people elected by and accountable to us, or people overseas who are not.

Please set aside the raft of claims and counter claims of the politicians who have hijacked the referendum campaign to service their own political ambitions and vanity. This is your referendum, not theirs. It is being held precisely because the matter before us is too great, too important, to leave to the politicians, so why should we play their game?

Please disregard the lies, disregard the spin, disregard the scare tactics, disregard the grouping of 'experts' serving their own vested interests, disregard dogwhistle appeals to base instincts, and disregard the interference of overseas politicians and organisations who only care for their own interests, not ours. There are simply too many grey areas deployed to distract us from the core, essential issue of democracy. There is only one thing in this campaign that is black and white...

deciding who governs the British people, and how.

This might be the last time your vote decides who governs us. It is a crucial and pivotal moment. We have the opportunity to undo the wrong inflicted on the British people in 1975, when voters were lied to about the EEC's true aims and the impacts on this country's sovereignty. We have since seen for what they were, the lies of those who wanted us to be subsumed into a European political superstate. The current false claims of exemptions, that have not been agreed by the EU and which can be rejected by the EU after this referendum, are a replay of 1975. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Don't make the same mistake our parents and grandparents made in 1975. We have the luxury of seeing the self declared aims of the European project. We understand that means the dismantling of the United Kingdom and the other member states as sovereign nations, with power placed into the hands of people we cannot hold to account or remove. Vote to take back our independence from those determined to remove it forever. The time has come. Your moment is now. Put democracy first.