23 Sep 2015

How EU membership undermines UK influence

The graphic below shows the EU's place in the global hierarchy of decision making, regulation and standards setting.

We keep hearing politicians speak of the UK having more influence because it is part of the EU. The graphic shows, by way of the red arrow, that this is a lie. The UK is only permitted to speak to the EU. The UK is not allowed to speak at the global level because the EU speaks for us.

It's clear from the graphic that the EU is not the 'top table'. It isn't even sat next to the top table. The EU takes its orders from above and makes laws accordingly, which it then hands down to the 28 EU member states, including the UK (continued below...)

The UK doesn't sit on the global decision making bodies that hand down orders to the EU, significantly undermining our influence. However the EFTA member countries such as Norway and Switzerland do sit at the global top table because they are independent. They help form the rules that the EU member states (including the UK) have to obey.

British influence over decisions, regulations and standards is significantly reduced as a result.

As a mere member state the UK is limited to pleading with the EU to take on board our views and interests. But our views and interests are then diluted with those of 27 others to form a compromise that really does little for any member state.

Outside the EU, as an independent country, the UK would have significantly more influence in the world than it does today. This is another positive reason for the British people to vote to leave the EU.