17 Sep 2015

The great unthinking

Asked whether he could ever foresee campaigning to leave the EU, Jeremy Corbyn replied:
No I don't see that position.
Two thoughts immediately spring to mind here. The first one is thank God for that. It's bad enough having the Leave campaign tainted by support from racists, conspiracy theorists and xenophobes without having to be associated with the incompetence and political illiteracy of the Corbynistas.

The second thought is that it requires an amazing capacity for ignorance and stupidity on Corbyn's part to claim, that under every possible circumstance, the UK is always best served by EU membership. It tells everyone that in Corbyn's mind the interests of the UK will always be subordinate to furthering the goals of the EU.

In that, Corbyn is no different to the majority of politicians in this country, who put EU wishes before what is best for the UK. EU membership is the lazy option. The difficult and boring business of government is outsourced so politicians can indulge their desire of playing to the gallery and talking endlessly while having to deliver nothing.

The problem is that to enable this convenience for the politicians, Britain's place in the world has had to be purposely diminished. Britain has been downgraded by its EU membership.
  • Britain no longer sets its own trade policy in the interests of its commercial sector
  • Britain no longer directly takes part in the creation of regulations and standards that impact manufacturing and services
  • Britain no longer determines the direction of its international relations
  • How Britain generates and delivers energy is subject to EU control
  • How Britain deals with its waste is subject to EU control
There are many more examples like this. But the essential point here is that no one elected by British voters can change any of this while the UK remains in the EU, no matter how harmful or expensive this is for ordinary British people.

Our politicians are powerless to change things in the interests of their electors. How can anyone like Corbyn claim to be a man of the people, yet hold a position that consigns the people to put up with anything and everything the EU decides, no matter how damaging of painful that may be? Are they supreme hypocrites or merely the great unthinking?