23 Sep 2015

Remember how we keep being told EU member states are sovereign?

Pro EU politicians and commentators keep telling voters across the bloc that even though their countries are EU member states each one is still sovereign. Here is that sovereignty on full display as their real supranational government cracks the whip....

In this example, solidarity means coming under the same central control, responsibility means doing as you're told even if its not in your national interest.

The refugee and migration crisis is one of those things the pro EU side describe as a 'beneficial crisis'. it gives the EU a chance to exert its control and argue that the solution requires more centralisation of political control and decision making in Brussels.

Seizing on the opportunity being presented, the EU in the shape of the European Commission is flexing its muscles by adopting 40 infringement decisions 'to make European Asylum System work'.

The UK is exempt from the provisions in this area, for now. But we are bound by provisions on most other matters. A referendum vote to Remain in the EU will lead to huge pressure for the UK to fall into line and give up its opt outs, to ensure Brussels has full control over political decision making in Britain. The only way to ensure self determination in the UK is to vote to leave the EU.