23 Sep 2015

The sham renegotiation rears its head again

The Daily Mail has an article in which the pisspoor Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, jabbers that the refugee crisis hitting European countries proves the case for EU reform.

Hammond is specifically focusing on reform of free movement in order to restrict the number of people coming to this country from the rest of the EU. But his claim is clearly a sham because the government has done nothing to reduce the flow of immigrants from non EU countries who are not covered by freedom of movement, and who make up the majority of immigrants to the UK. The government has not made any effort to control immigration.

Hammond, reports the Mail, said the influx of migrants into Europe would help make the case for curbing numbers able to come to Britain as part of its renegotiation of its membership of the European Union. It goes on to add:

He said it would be easier to sell Britain’s ideas on migration – the ‘most sensitive’ area of its proposed reform package.

This is interesting because we have no certainty what this supposed reform package contains. British voters haven't been asked what they want to change. British voters haven't been asked to ratify what David Cameron claims to be putting to other EU leaders.

This supposed renegotiation is one man's personal wishlist that he claims to be the wishes of the country. The only people he is consulting on his supposed renegotiation and the Remain campaign are committed pro EU enthusiasts, such as Mats Persson at Open Europe. You can't get more meglomaniac than that.

We cannot trust a man whose set position is to remain in the EU come what may. However, no one in the media is putting tough questions about these matters to Cameron. Instead they are more determined to ham up the contents of Michael Ashcroft's book. The electorate are being taken for fools.