14 Sep 2015

Shooting themselves in the foot

One of the prominent groups campaigning for Brexit is TheKnow.EU run by Arron Banks. They've relaunched their website following the Yes/No question being changed to a Remain/Leave one. Sadly for them they are still pushing a 'No' line even though it won't be on the referendum ballot paper.

But pushing a choice that won't be on the ballot paper is the least of their problems. It's going to be hard for voters to take them seriously when they make assertions that aren't strictly true.

On their new website TheKnow invites readers to 'Be in The Know'. Readers won't be if they take take TheKnow's claims at face value. Perhaps TheKnow should start with themselves before trying to educate people from a position of ignorance. They're shooting themselves in the foot and hurting the Leave side at the same time.