16 Jan 2016

Best of the Brexit Blogs - #1

A weekly round up of the best and most informative articles from the Brexit blogs.
We begin with a bumper edition...

  1. No, we will not get a “punishment beating” if we leave the EU - The Sceptic Isle
  2. Cameron’s Fear That EU Partners Will Reveal Truth About His “New Deal” - Semi-Partisan Sam
  3. Flexcit: a better idea than the EU - Pete North  
  4. Towards a "permanent solution" - EU Referendum 
  5. A Pragmatic Approach - Independent Britain 
  6. Beyond Norway - The Brexit Door 
  7. A winning plan - Leave the EU, Keep the Single Market - The EU Question 
  8. Another Letter to UKIP - Tommy R 
  9. The Status Quo fallacy (with apologies to Francis Rossi)  - UK Unleashed
  10. A statement from the Prime Minister - White Wednesday
  11. Pro-EU arguments: Critical thinking - Red Cliffs of Dawlish
  12. A blueprint for the future - Leave HQ

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