3 Oct 2015

Why Matthew Elliott is completely unfit to lead the official Leave campaign

It's becoming perfectly clear that Elliott is completely unfit to lead any official leave campaign. Never has he advocated leaving the EU instead arguing that we stay in with unspecified reforms. More serious is the deep suspicion that his campaigns are being constructed largely to allow close friends to award themselves contracts.
So writes The Boiling Frog, who has been meticulously piecing together the fascinating web of connections, company formations, ownerships and placing of business between Matthew Elliott and his friends/colleagues Jag Singh, Paul Staines and Andrew Whitehurst, his latest installment calling in evidence invoices of spending controlled by Elliott when he ran the national No to AV campaign.

The motivation behind Elliott's determination to lead the official leave campaign can't be explained by politics or ideology, as none of Elliott and his friends have ever called or campaigned for Britain to leave the EU. Instead that leaves the driver as financial.

While lacking the drama and scale of George Clooney's Ocean's Eleven, the plot of Elliott's Four has all the makings of a heist story in its own right. Elliott's Four are so publicity hungry, they explained it to PR Week. The objective of gathering millions of pieces of electoral intelligence about voters is making a lucrative financial gain. There is a ready made market for that data, which Elliott's Four have happily shown their interest in fulfilling.

What better opportunity to do that than controlling a national campaign ahead of a crucial referendum, where they can hoover up data to create millions of records that would sell for big money?